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Most of the projects I've done are fastener related, since that's my history, but I'm working on branching into new industries.  Here are a handful of ads and brochures I've done. Once created for high resolution print, they are optimized for web or email use.  Multi-page documents like catalogs or newsletters can be exported with interactive elements like table of contents or indexing.

Besides the creative layout, I can do most of my own photography, and edit with Photoshop. The truck below in the

Duncan Bolt catalog was backed up to a dock in the original photo.  I removed the background to get what you see below.

This is an 8 page spread and cover for Distributors Link Magazine. Each page has a QR Code that linked to more information; PDF documents, web pages, You Tube video's and more.  The links are broken now, but you can get the idea behind it.  We wanted something that was fun and informational!

This is the 2014 Duncan Bolt Truck Trailer catalog.  It was created for print, then optimized for web with interactive page hops. The nice thing about a PDF is that they can easily download to tablet devices!


Banners & Signs

Magazine Spreads

Here I have a movie.  This was a fun project!  I used photo's along with some demonstration video which was taken in my back yard.  I then used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the footage and Soundbooth to record and edit the voice-over and background music.  Once complete, it was accessible via the web, YouTube and burned onto DVD's.

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