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My dive in the fastener industry started in 1988 as a part-time/ temp receptionist at Porteous Fastener Company.  After a few short months, I was hired full time as a clerk in Inventory Control but then soon moved into the Consumer Products Division doing customer service. I did that for several years, before going to work for Ray Doane in the Marketing Department.  That's when I started to dabble with the creative side of the business.  Back then, there was no email or fancy graphic programs so we used word processing software and a fax machine to send our announcements.  Our flyer's were a bit cheesy, but they got the job done!


In 1998 I moved to the Hayward branch and took over as Branch Manager.  Running a sales office and warehouse was a new world, but it taught me a lot about the industry, operations and that dealing with personnel issues was not my favorite thing!  When Arnie Gilpin retired in 2000, I took over as Sales Manger.  It was a lot of work, but I met and worked with many great customers along the way.


It was finally time to put the creative hat back on in 2005.  I moved back to the corporate office as Director of Marketing, working under Jay Hebert and Bob and Barry Porteous.  Over time I took classes and started to learn design, graphics and layout.  Eventually, I was able to do all our product photography, advertisements, brochures, catalogs, banners and other print work in-house!  I was also part of the web development team where I worked on the web graphics and general functionality of the website.  I was also the event coordinator for all meetings, trade shows, and special events.


I continued to learn and push my limits until PFC was sold in November of 2013.  When I was laid off, I went to work for Duncan Bolt and helped them take their marketing concepts off the back burner and to the printer!  I thank Andy Cohn for that opportunity!


So, that's my story.  I'm now ready for my next adventure!  I spent 25 years learning fasteners and how to market them. I had many mentors along the way that helped shape me into the person I am today.  It's a great industry with a lot of great people, and I hope we have the chance to work together!

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