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Muse-Themes Have you noticed any of the moving parts on my website?  The scrolling headline, photo sideshow, Flickr link?  These are all widgets that I've embedded into my Adobe Muse site and customized!  I didn't have to write or manipulate code to make it happen.  Love Muse-Themes!

Presence If you are like me and you like to spy on your dogs while you are away from home, Presence can help you do it for free!  All you need is an extra iPad or iPhone that you set up at home and the app installed!  It's easy and did I mention that it's free!  We caught Max on the couch the other night- naughty dog!!

Adobe Muse In June, Muse released a new feature which allows the owner of a website to make edits to text and images right through their browser.  That means you don't need a web designer to do it for you!  That can be a huge money and time saver.  Check it out-- it's very cool and I can help you get one started!

Small Business Development Center  The Small Business Development Center, a government funded program, was so helpful to me as I was getting started out.  The program is free and after an orientation and submitting a business plan you are given a personal advisor to help you move in the right direction.  I recommend a program like this to anyone interested in starting their own business!

Nutcache  Now that I am a sole-proprietor I am always looking for free or cheap ways to get things done.  I found Nutcache, which is a FREE online time-keeping and invoicing program.  It had great reviews, so I decided it give it a try.  I've only been using it for a month, so-far-so-good!!

Adobe Creative Cloud  As a member of this cloud, I have access to so many Adobe programs including: Illustrator, Photoshop, Muse, Premiere Pro, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Soundbooth, Acrobat and more!  I've used Lynda for on-line software training since 2009.  I love that I can watch short movie tutorials on only the subjects I need help with and at all levels from beginner to advanced. I can also watch from the iPad or iPhone apps!  Certificates are available after viewing an entire program, which is great for business training programs.  I am a huge fan and use it almost daily!

Constant Contact  I started using Constant Contact in 2008.  I'm sure they are like many other on-line marketing companies...but after 6 years of using that product- it's what I know.  Anyway- it's a great way to connect with a lot of people and analyze where they are clicking and what they are reading.  They offer lots of customizable templates, or you can use your own html code to create your own. Are you on my mailing list?


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