Welcome to Nutty to Design- I'm Jamie Adams


My expertise is in the Industrial and Construction Distribution Industry.

I have more than 25 years B2B marketing experience, working with industrial and construction distributors and manufacturers in the Fastener Industry.  I know the ins and outs, and who's who!


My experience is vast, covering both print and electronic media.

Brochures, Line Cards, Catalogs, Mailers, Email Marketing, Newsletters, Signs, Banners, Websites, Logos, Packaging Design, and more.


I am a member of my local Chamber of Commerce, and one of the Founding Four in the Lakewood Home Based Business Council.  I am excited about working within my community and networking with the many people who operate businesses in, and around Lakewood.


Browse my website and let me know how I can help your business!  Let me help you turn your vision into a reality!


Review my Portfolio and let's get nutty together!! Contact me today!





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